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Concrete Repair

The StoCretec repair systems offer functional and economical solutions for reprofiling partially damaged areas or repairing large areas of concrete.

Manually placed concrete repair systems have to be closely matched to the properties of the existing concrete. That is why StoCretec are able to offer a variety of systems, all compliant with EN1504. From StoCrete SM or SM P, class R2, to the StoConcrete Repair Prime XA system which is class R4 and resistant to chemical attack.

All of our systems provide corrosion protection to the reinforcing steel, a bonding bridge to the substrate (if required), repair mortar to replace what has been removed, and reinstate the passivating alkali environment. A variety of fairing coats to provide a smooth finish and add to the carbonation protection, can also be supplied.


  • Facades and balconies – residential and industrial
  • Bridges and tunnels
  • Power stations, cooling towers or dams
  • Waste water or sewage treatment plants
  • High specification floors, car parks, walkways or ramps