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Hydrophobic Impregnation

StoCretec offer a range of Hydrophobic Impregnation materials for optimum protection of concrete structures from chlorides and carbonation, whilst maintaining the appearance of natural concrete. Hydrophobic treatments provide one of the most effective measures against harmful substances dissolved in water from entering the surface of the concrete.

  • StoCryl GW 100. A hydrophobic primer penetrating 1 – 1.5mm into the concrete that can be used either on its own, in areas of lower chloride load, such as bridge soffits, or as a primer for coating systems.

  • StoCryl HC 100. A hydrophobic cream for areas in the “mist zone“ - areas that are exposed to high levels of chloride, such as bridge abutments.

  • StoCryl HG 200. A deep penetrating hydrophobic treatment for areas in the “splash zone”. StoCryl HG 200 penetrates to at least 6mm, often to 10mm or more, providing long-lasting, reliable protection to areas subject to prolonged and direct exposure to salts, e.g. central bridge supports or coastal structures subject to repeated splashing and drying cycles.

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