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StoVentec R

A ventilated rainscreen cladding system with a seamless render finish - and no limit on the lightness value.

The StoVentec R system is fixed to the exterior wall with an adjustable aluminium sub-construction. This creates a cavity between the facade and the render carrier board which is part-filled with mineral fibre insulation for effective external wall insulation.

The system protects the wall, keeping it dry while also allowing it to breathe. And because the cavity is ventilated, there is no limit to the lightness value of the render finish. Even the darkest colour values can be used.

Features & Benefits

  • The adjustable stainless steel sub-construction corrects uneven substrates up to 320mm and provides a ventilated cavity to ensure the wall remains dry and breathes.
  • The mineral fibre insulation board provides high thermal performance and fire protection.
  • The unique StoVentec carrier board is made of 96% recycled expanded glass granulate and reinforced on both sides with glass fibre mesh for superior impact resistance.
  • The StoArmat Classic cement free reinforcing coat and glass fibre mesh together provide over 15 times the crack resistance of conventional modified cementitious render systems.
  • Sto synthetic finish renders do not require overpainting and offer complete protection while remaining vapour permeable.
  • Unique 'QS' materials allow for winter working from +1°C.
  • Available in a range of 800 colours (dependant on choice of finish).

Download Brochure

StoVentec Ventilated Rainscreen Cladding Systems Brochure

Download the StoVentec Ventilated Rainscreen Cladding Systems brochure for system information, highlights and inspiration.

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