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StoSilent Direct

System Variants

StoSilent Direct

The StoSilent Direct system consists of composite mineral fibre boards with a pre-applied, textured surface. The boards are bonded directly to the substrate, and their pre-chamfered joints can be left as is, or filled prior to applying one of the StoSilent textured finishes.

Sto Silent Direct has particularly impressive sound absorbing qualities, and is best suited for continuous ceilings or walls without upstands. Seamless surfaces up to 700 m² can be created without the need for a break in the system, as well as curves down to a radius of 5m.

Sto can advise on which system would be best suited to meet the needs of your project. Please get in touch and we will arrange for a Sto Technical Consultant to contact you and discuss your requirements.

System Variants

StoSilent Direct

StoSilent Direct

Economically seamless or visible joints, the StoSilent Direct Bonded acoustic system, made of coated acoustic panels.

1. Bonding
2. Acoustic panel
3. Filler and levelling coat
4. Intermediate coat
5. Finish

Exposed Joint System

StoColor Climasan: The chamfered board joints are left unfilled, and the boards are sprayed with StoColor Climasan paint, which breaks down any odours and harmful substances in the air. Recommended in StoColor Climasan white only.

Seamless systems

StoSilent Top Finish: The joints are filled and StoSilent Top Basic is trowel-applied. A finishing coat of StoSilent Top is then trowel-applied to create an ultrafine surface with slight crystal shimmer. Recommended for small areas only. Available in selected colours from the StoColor system.

StoSilent Décor M finish: The joints are filled and StoSilent Top Basic is trowel-applied. Finishing coats of StoSilent Décor M are spray-applied to create a fine stipple surface. Finishing coats of StoSilent Décor M is suitable for all sizes of ceiling or wall, and available in a wide range of colours from the StoColor system. All 800+ colours of the StoColor system can be achieved using additional coats of StoSilent Décor MF.

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StoSilent Acoustic Brochure

Download the Sto Acoustic Systems brochure for system information, highlights and inspiration.

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