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Building with Conscience

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

With a building certification, buildings are assessed based on given criteria according to three essential aspects: ecology, economy and social issues. The aim of these certification systems is to promote sustainable building and to make it measurable and comparable using clear criteria.

Choosing the right building products plays an important role in this. With around half of the specified criteria and standards, building products have a direct effect on the certification result and thus on the overall performance of the building. Not only the conscious use of limited resources, also the avoidance of high transport costs, the lowering of the energy requirement and the "feeling of well-being" play a major role.

Sto products themselves cannot be certified directly according to DGNB, BREEAM or LEED. However, the products indirectly influence the building to be certified. Certification systems therefore require information on the construction products used in order to check whether the requirements and criteria are met. The sustainability data sheet (NDB), the environmental label with corresponding acceptance, environmental product declarations (EPDs) and manufacturer declarations serve as evidence on the part of Sto.

The core of an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is the life cycle assessment (LCA), which contains information on energy consumption as well as CO2 and other emissions per unit of a product.

The aim is the basis for life cycle assessments of an entire building, general environmental information and for the analysis of optimization potential. There is a challenge here. EPDs are purely informative and do not evaluate a product. Much of the information is kept very general (e.g. disposal).

For numerous products there are:

  • product-specific EPDs (e.g. StoVentec carrier board)
  • Sample EPDs that are product group-specific and created by the relevant association (e.g. VdL, Deutsche Bauchemie).
  • EPDs from relevant manufacturers for merchandise / purchased products

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