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StoVentec Glass Creates Striking Appearance For New Scientific Centre

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The new interior design created with the use of StoVentec Glass

A major new UK centre for health-focused scientific excellence in Hull features a striking interior design created with the use of materials provided by Sto. RB’s £105m Science and Innovation Centre has been constructed with the StoVentec Glass system used inside the building.

“This is a genuinely high-tech building, achieving LEED Gold accreditation through the application of renewable energy systems and sustainability initiatives,” explains Toby Ingle of project architects and international design practice Ryder Architecture. “It also houses world-class science and research facilities, so it was essential that any construction materials such as the StoVentec Glass system could provide the highest levels of performance and visual appeal.”

Some 675m2 of white StoVentec Glass were installed in a three-storey communal area inside the building. This reflects the natural light entering via the roof skylights to create an airy and open environment, while also contrasting visually with the exposed brickwork featured in this area.

The StoVentec Glass panels were supplied in bespoke sizes and shapes to suit the specific requirements of this project. They were installed using Sto’s adjustable sub-construction which allows the panels to be perfectly aligned to each other, and so create the visually attractive, large and smooth surfaces which feature in this building.

In addition to being used in the interior of a building as in this case, the StoVentec Glass ventilated rainscreen cladding system can also be used externally to provide an effective façade insulation system which keeps the wall dry and allows it to breathe, while also creating a visually striking façade.

RB’s 13,000m2 Science and Innovation Centre comprises a bespoke laboratory environment (analytical, formulation, microbiology) and 10th scale pilot plant.

*RB is the trading name of the Reckitt Benckiser group of companies

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