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What's behind a plaster without compromises?


"The idea of combining the best properties in the formulation for StoDecosit."

StoDecosit is the new plaster that can rise to virtually every challenge. Combining the best properties of emulsion-based plasters and silicate plasters in a single product, it is suitable for use in almost any application, from creative solutions for decorating walls, protection against mould and mildew, and for walls in heavy-use areas.

StoDecosit is easy to apply, is made up of 97% mineral raw materials, and – most impressive of all – is preservative-free.


  • Preservative-free
  • Conserves resources; is made up of 97% mineral renewable resources and water
  • High whiteness
  • Fast and easy application
  • Suitable for texturing immediately
  • Shock-proof and hard-wearing surface
  • Excellent mildew-inhibiting properties
  • Diffusion-open, excellent moisture management
  • Perfectly matched to StoCalce Functio in the system
  • Solvent-free, plasticiser-free, low-emission, free from substances that contribute to “black dust” on walls
  • Available as stippled plaster, rilled plaster, free-style textured plaster, and spray plaster for endless design possibilities

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