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StoTherm Mineral Chosen To Help New Care Centre Meet BREEAM Target

Figbury Lodge - StoTherm Mineral Show image in its full size

StoTherm Mineral external wall insulation and StoSilco render applied to the new Figbury Lodge Care Home in Poole. Photograph: Owen Johnson

An external wall insulation system from Sto has been used to help a new care home building achieve an impressive BREEAM rating. The company’s StoTherm Mineral system was specified for the Figbury Lodge Care Home in Poole, for its outstanding thermal insulation performance.

The facility – which is operated by Shaw Healthcare - specializes in dementia care, and the aim was to create a welcoming and homely environment for residents, some of whom are receiving rehabilitation support after leaving hospital. “The comfort of the residents is obviously a key consideration for a building like this, and our aim was to maximise that element by making the building as thermally efficient as possible,” explains Mike Hanson of the project architect, Atkins.

This led to the inclusion of such features as photovoltaic systems on the roof, an intelligent building management system, and the use of the StoTherm Mineral insulation system. This highly durable external wall insulation system uses mineral fibre boards which combine outstanding thermal performance with excellent levels of sound insulation and fire protection.

The StoTherm Mineral system was installed onto a lightweight steel frame using Sto’s innovative Sto-Rotofix Plus fixings. These unique, spiral fixings allow the insulation boards to be installed quickly and easily, while retaining a high degree of flexibility. The boards can be adjusted by the spiral fixings to accommodate any unevenness in the substrate and so create a perfectly level surface ready for the render finish.

The quest for seamless facades means that deflection from live loading of floor slabs has to be taken up by the external wall insulation system. Sto-Rotofix Plus allows up to 19mm of deflection per floor, so there is no need for unsightly expansion joints on the surface, and large seamless facades can be created.

The insulation system was finished with StoSilco resin render which creates a tough, water-repellent surface finish that resists aggressive atmospheres, and the growth of algae and fungus. With excellent CO2 and water vapour permeability, StoSilco also allows a high rate of moisture transfer and evaporation, thus allowing the wall to breathe.

The Sto materials were installed by Square 1 Architectural Solutions of Southampton.