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StoBrick Launch Extends Options For Architects And Building Designers

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StoBrick is competitively priced and allows a genuine clay brick finish to be applied over external insulation

Developed in response to a demand for a brick cladding solution, for use with mineral-fibre based insulation systems, StoBrick gives architects a far greater opportunity to incorporate genuine clay brick finishes into their façade designs, achieving the required A2-s1, d0 fire rating with the wide range of textures, colours and sizes available.

“The market has shifted back to the traditional brick design for facades while wanting to maintain the benefits of an EWI system. We are excited to strengthen our range with the introduction of our brick cladding solution StoBrick,” comments Joe Mellor, Product Manager for Sto UK. “Clients, Architects and local authority planners alike can continue to benefit from our full system solutions, with no limitations using StoBrick, allowing the possibility of a traditional brick character and individuality to buildings.”

In the case of new buildings, the combination of a facade insulation system with clay brick slips allows for significantly slimmer wall cross-sections than the traditional cavity wall construction method, which consumes expensive floor space, especially in inner-city locations.

“StoBrick is competitively priced and allows this type of façade finish to be applied over the external insulation, but without the prohibitive costs often associated with real bricks,” adds Joe. “And although some installation training is required, it also removes the need for contractors to source the highly skilled and expensive labour that traditional brick-laying demands.”

There are three types of StoBrick available - Hand-moulded, Water-struck and Extruded. Between them they provide a huge range of options, covering all requirements, from surface structures which provide maximum visual impact, through to those where a more uniform and consistent brick appearance is required. A comprehensive range of more than 50 formats, 10 surface textures and 200 colour variants are available, allowing the architect creative freedom to reproduce all the traditional brick architecture styles found throughout the UK, and more diverse laying patterns and different joint designs. StoBrick is also fully accredited to the A2-s1, d0 fire safety standard.

“These clay brick slips now sit alongside the resin-based brick slips we have been producing, to really extend the options available from Sto for a façade finish to suit your creative designs and budget requirements,” concludes Joe.

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