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Sto Restore - Building Facade Refurbishment Made Easy

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Use Sto’s specially-formulated paints and coatings, all designed to create a fresh new appearance for a building, and also inhibit the growth of algae and staining well into the future.

Every building façade, even those created using the highest quality materials, can benefit from an effective cleaning and maintenance routine. With this in mind, we have launched Sto Restore - a series of product and system solutions for the cleaning, repair, recoating and protection of building façades with existing external wall insulation or render.

“While there are products available which can provide long-lasting and highly-effective protection for building façades, none can ever be completely immune to the long-term effects of weathering and the environment,” comments Sto’s Product Manager, Greg Astill.

“Discolouration, staining and algae growth can all take their toll over long periods of time, and an unsightly building can have a big impact on the way it is perceived. We know from the feedback we receive that this is an area of concern for building owners and facilities managers who need to periodically refurbish and ensure that their buildings look their best. The launch of Sto Restore provides them with a reliable and cost-effective way to achieve that.”

The range of Sto Restore solutions covers many different aspects of the maintenance and restoration process, ranging from the repair of surface cracks, right through to restoring the appearance and protecting the façade against the effects of heat, cold, wind and wet weather. “We have everything that’s required to clean, disinfect and prime the existing façade surfaces, ready for coating with one of our Sto iQ Intelligent paint solutions.,” adds Greg. “Many external wall insulation systems fail due to poor detailing and installation around windows and doors and this is another area where we can restore weather resistance and prolong the life of a façade”, he continues.

These specially-formulated paints and coatings are all designed to create a fresh new appearance for the building, and also inhibit the growth of algae and staining well into the future with their self-cleaning and quick drying product properties. They are environmentally-friendly, and many of them are certified to accredited international standards such as natureplus®, the Blue Angel and the TÜV-SÜD Technical Control Board.

Sto also has a nationwide network of authorised applicators who are experienced in delivering outstanding results for all types of façade refurbishment projects. “Combined with the many different products in the Sto Restore range, this allows building owners and maintenance managers to source everything they need from a single specialist provider,” concludes Greg.

Reduce your maintenance schedules and costs using innovative Sto Restore solutions, for facades that stay cleaner for longer.

Clean & Recoat


Sto has special disinfectant solutions for pre-treating facade surfaces subject to algae and fungal attack.

Clean, Repair & Recoat


Repair any small surface damage with ready-to-use elastic crack filling compounds and then recoat with Sto iQ Intelligent Technology facade paints. Environmentally-friendly and easy to apply, Sto facade paints represent excellent value for money.

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Please call if your facade is discoloured or stained and needs a clean and recoat.

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