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Sto Helps Create Innovative Design For ICON Outlet At The O2

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The sub-construction of the Sto insulation system provided the flexibility needed for the curved surfaces of the wave-themed wall and ceiling design

The Sto materials were chosen to insulate and finish the ‘wave-themed’ wall and ceiling design which now forms the centrepiece of ICON Outlet at world-famous The O2.

“We needed to specify a high-quality insulation system that could provide the required degree of thermal insulation, and still accommodate the complex surfaces and angles of the ‘wave’ design which covers large parts of the walls and ceiling,” explains Nathmya Saffarini of CallisonRTKL architects. “We were looking to create a vibrant atmosphere and use state-of-the-art materials throughout, so it was important that the insulation solution we chose was compatible with those requirements.”

“This was an unusual project as the shopping mall includes ‘indoor streets’ interspersed with open spaces and is roofed over,” comments Matt Mooney of Novo Facades who installed the Sto insulation solution. “The O2 sits on the bank of the Thames, so the insulation and render finish had to be completed to external standards to protect against the moisture-laden atmosphere and the effects of any temperature fluctuations which this location could cause.

“All the surfaces involved were curved rather than straight, and we had to accommodate these, while still working to very tight tolerances over long distances. We liaised very closely with the architect to create the final system, and with Sto who provided great technical support throughout. The aluminium sub-construction of the Sto insulation system provided all the flexibility we required and helped us complete a very challenging project with great success.”

The Sto system specified for the majority of the project was the StoVentec R ventilated rainscreen cladding system. This features an adjustable aluminium mounting grid which creates a cavity between the facade and the render carrier board. This is partially filled with mineral fibre insulation to provide highly effective thermal insulation and fire protection, while still protecting the wall by keeping it dry and allowing it to breathe. The StoVentec carrier boards are very flexible, do not expand or contract with temperature change and butt jointed with no risk of cracking.

StoTherm Mineral external wall insulation was applied to other areas of the building. This system uses mineral fibre boards to provide unrivalled thermal insulation and fire resistance. Both Sto systems were then finished with StoSilco K, a high-performance silicone resin render which provides excellent water repellence. StoSilco K is an ideal facade finish for applications such as this where the finish required is visually attractive, whilst also providing protection against weathering and damp.