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New Concrete Repair Products Expand the StoCretec Range


StoCretec has introduced two new quick-repair mortars - StoCrete SM and StoCrete SM P - which offer a number of advantages for smaller concrete repair projects.Thoroughly proven on numerous applications in other countries, the two new products are now available from StoCretec, for the first time in the UK, allowing concrete repair specialists to benefit from a faster, simpler repair process.

Designed for repairing all concrete structures and elements, StoCrete SM is a combined, fast-curing repair mortar and fairing coat. Whereas traditional repair systems rely on three products – bonding bridge, repair mortar and fairing coat - StoCrete SM covers everything with one product, so it’s fast, simple and reliable. It requires no bonding bridge, and is mixed into a smooth, easy-to-use high-build mortar for immediate application to the repair area. With an especially quick initial cure, the repaired area can be coated in just 4 hours with no need for any additional curing process. The exceptionally good working characteristics of StoCrete SM mean that it can also be used as a fairing coat.

With similar properties and advantages to offer, StoCrete SM P goes one step further, having a built-in corrosion inhibitor. This means the concrete repair specialist can also dispense with the need to apply corrosion protection to the reinforcement and wait for it to dry, as the material itself protects the steel. That makes StoCrete SM P a 4-in-1 product – corrosion protector, bonding bridge, repair mortar and fairing coat. Studies have shown that repairs using StoCrete SM P are completed 60% faster, and to a better quality than traditional systems.

Both StoCrete SM and SM P comply with the requirements of EN 1504-3 and are available in either 25kg sacks or 10kg pails that can be sealed and re-used.

StoCrete SM P

Demonstration video on how quick and easy it is to prepare, mix and apply StoCrete SM P quick repair mortar.

Video clip | 3:20

Quick Repair Mortars

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