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Sto Helps to Keep Things Quiet For New Landmark Building

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Sto acoustic solution installed in the ceiling of the foyer at One New Ludgate

The StoSilent Distance A2 110 acoustic system has been installed at One New Ludgate, as part of a project to transform a 1980s-city building into a contemporary new mixed-use development.

The project was built on an island site. The twin-height, multi-storey refurbished building now offers over 179,000 sq. ft. of busy office and retail space, and so excellent acoustic design and balance formed an important part of the project. The StoSilent Distance system was the perfect option. A limited void space, combined with a requirement for the ceilings to be used as a plenum for air extraction, and architectural requirements for clean uninterrupted lines, meant that the use of traditional tiles in an exposed grid or perforated plasterboard solutions were not an option.

The StoSilent Distance A2 110 acoustic system allowed freedom to encompass the design ideals and achieve all the engineering requirements and challenges with one system. Sto’s Technical Consultant for Acoustics, Michael Wallace explained, “the system was initially installed in the ceiling of the foyer and was later added to a large dome structure, in the same area, to improve the acoustic performance further.”

“We have used Sto acoustic products a number of times previously, so we knew they would provide the acoustic performance needed on this project,” adds Tony Partridge of Roskel Contracts, the suspended ceiling specialists who installed the StoSilent Distance system, and an authorised acoustic installer for Sto UK. “It is an ideal acoustic system which meets the various challenges of modern day buildings; sound attenuation/reverberation, increased speech clarity and is very accommodating where ceiling void space is limited.”

“It allowed us to achieve an attractive clean monolithic finish in the areas where this was required. It is a very light system, compared to more traditional systems, which makes it easy to work with. The lighting design was incorporated behind a central dome area and we were able to cut many of the individual pieces required on-site.”

StoSilent Distance allows the creation of large seamless areas of up to 200m² allowing architects and designers maximum freedom to incorporate sharp precise features, inclined planes and curved surfaces.

The StoSilent Distance system was finished with Sto Silent Décor M, to provide a classic, acoustically open, fine stippled surface. Sto Silent Décor M can be tinted to match a wide range of shades from the Sto Color system.

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