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Sto Glass Facade Solution helps create New London Archway Premier Inn

Premier Inn Archway London Show image in its full size

An eye-catching StoVentec rainscreen façade solution has been used on a new Premier Inn hotel in London

StoVentec glass was used to remodel the exterior of a disused 1960s office building, which was converted into a 163-room Premier Inn hotel in the largest glass rainscreen project that Sto has ever completed in the UK.

The original office block is one of three refurbished buildings which sit on a prominent site on London’s Archway Road. “This is a key approach road into London and so we wanted to create something that was particularly high profile and dramatic,” says Alex Bailey of Axiom Architects. “The prominent location also meant that planning requirements were understandably stringent, and we invested considerable time and effort in arriving at a solution that would satisfy these demands and also allow us to realize our design concepts.”

This led to the selection of StoVentec Glass to create the impressive new façade for the building. The StoVentec panels offer an enormous range of design possibilities thanks to the wide range of size and RAL colour options, plus the availability of bespoke size, shape and screen-printed possibilities. “The range of colours available was a major boost to this project and Sto certainly helped us to navigate the planning process by supplying whatever colour samples we needed at every stage.” adds Alex Bailey. “The new building envelope now features StoVentec panels in various shades of blue, which help meet the planners’ requirements for a crystalline façade that mimics the skyline. Adding aluminium channels to the design also helped break up the building’s previous monolithic shape."

“We were asked to become involved at a very early stage and engineer a suitable solution,” adds Mark Wiggins of Clarke Façades, who installed the StoVentec rainscreen façade. “Apart from the appearance requirements, there were also very tight specifications which we had to meet for the acoustic performance of the rainscreen cladding system. This was especially important as Premier Inn promote their hotels by guaranteeing that guests will get a good night’s sleep,”

Working closely with Sto, Clarke Façades engineered a complete through-wall design which met these constraints. This involved prototype testing, structural engineering, design production, and an ongoing process of reviews and revisions. “Sto provided outstanding technical and logistical support on this project and they helped our own dedicated team to manage the process successfully and meet a very intense programme of design and production deliverables,” adds Eugene Clarke.

“We supplied just under 3,000 sq meters of StoVentec panels for this project, but were actually involved virtually from day one,” says Sto Regional Sales manager Declan Fehily. “We provided support on things such as sub-construction layout, panel sizing and colour selection, right through to the final installation work. Even the logistics were complex, as the city-center location imposed restrictions on delivery times to site. However, Clarke Façades did an outstanding job, and by working closely with them we were able to overcome the tight lead times involved and all the other restrictions and challenges which the project threw at us.”

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