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Sto Lends a Hand (and Head) at the Bregenz Festival

The strength and flexibility of Sto products and systems have been remarkably demonstrated in a colossal sculpture and operatic stage in Austria.

The 2011 Bregenz Festival ceremoniously opened on 20 July with Umberto Giordano's revolutionary opera "André Chénier". Stage designer David Fielding's inspired vision is a recreation of the historic painting, "The Death of Marat", by Jacques-Louis David. The painting ranks among the most famous representations of the French Revolution, depicting the revolutionist Marat shortly after being stabbed to death in his bathtub.

The sculpture of Marat will serve as the stage for the Bregenz Festival in 2011 and 2012. The colossal sculpture is 24 metres high, weighs 60 tonnes and, aside from the frame, is constructed entirely of Sto materials. The unique stage is one of the largest in the world and emerges theatrically from Lake Constance.

The sculpture was designed using the latest software and then built on site over several months. Constructed of polystyrene, the form was first milled and then coated with Sto reinforcing products. Over 11,000 kg of Sto products were used to build the sculpture.

Gerard Kathan, Area Sales Manager for Sto GmbH in Austria, happily describes this special project: "Our reinforcing compounds possess excellent application properties and a high level of application reliability. They are cement-free, weather-resistant and highly impact resistant. This is particularly important for the actors and stuntmen moving on the torso. As everything worked out great with the large feet for Aida in 2009, we were on board again for this project."

To find out more about the André Chénier opera and the Bregenz Festival, please visit the official website.