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Stonehenge Exhibition and Visitor Centre

The StoSilent Panel acoustic ceiling system from Sto is providing acoustic control throughout the stunning Stonehenge Exhibition & Visitor Centre in Salisbury.

Architects Denton Corker Marshall wanted the acoustic solution to be an integral part of the building design and should not compromise the simple, restrained aesthetic of the building.

The centre is very clean and minimalist: hard surface materials such as glass, stone and plasterboard are prevalent. The acoustic challenge was to control the noise from the footfall of people moving around the space and attenuate the sound of many voices. The aim is to create a tranquil atmosphere that enhances the experience for the visitor.

The acoustic consultant working with the architects calculated the performance requirements for the acoustic ceiling. The Sto system was specified on the basis that it would achieve an average reverberation time of 0.5-0.8 per second.

StoSilent Panel A-Tec provides this performance, and the system fits with the aesthetic intent of the building. Project Architect Angela Dapper observed: "We were really particular about the materials we wanted to use. The Sto ceiling is such a flat, simple product: it was something that was stipulated right at the beginning of the project."

The system specified for this project was StoSilent Panel A-Tec, consisting of 25mm thick A-Tec acoustic boards made of 96% recycled glass, providing exceptional sound absorption in a monolithic, seamless finish. The boards are mounted on an invisible grid which is mechanically fixed to the concrete substructure of the building. The A-Tec board is finished with StoSilent Superfine – an acoustically transparent, lightly textured finish. In this instance, the finish was specified in natural white to give the clean, unobtrusive aesthetic required in the project.

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Stonehenge Exhibition and Visitor Centre

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