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    What’s behind biomimetics at Sto?

    The idea of using nature intelligently.

Sustainable building with biomimetic facade paints

At Sto, we have been developing products based on the most efficient biomimicry solutions from nature for 20 years. Our inspiration: 3430 million years of evolution – constant optimisation through further development. The benefit to you: radiant colour intensity, lasting UV and weather protection, facades that clean themselves, and a longer lifecycle for your buildings. We offer cost-effectiveness and ecology combined. This is what we mean by Building with conscience.

Would you like to find out more about biomimetics at Sto?

We would love to hear from you – whether you're an applicator, facility manager, building owner or maintenance manager!

We will be very happy to send you further details. Our test set gives you the chance to put our Dryonic Technology to the test for yourself.

Do you want to put biomimetics to the test for yourself? We will be very happy to send you further details and a test set for free.

Find out our contact details here.
  • How a new generation of paints protects itself


    Facades are constantly exposed to weather conditions. If dew, fog, and rain are causing them to be constantly wet or if they are located near trees, shrubs, or water, it doesn't take long for algae or fungi to appear. This causes an awful grey film.

    Our biomimetic facade paints stay clean and bright in the long term thanks to clever principles inspired by nature. They are available with or without biocidal film protection, making them exceptionally environmentally friendly.

Water management on facades

Water management is one of the most important jobs of facade paints. Due to its high surface tension, water forms in droplets, which the microtexture in our biomimetic facade paints repels. We took this technique straight from nature, drawing inspiration from the lotus flower found in Asia and the fog-basking beetle from the Namib desert in Africa. Our two technologies – Lotus-Effect® and Dryonic® Technology – ensure that water comes into minimal contact with the surface As a result, dirt runs off with the raindrops in a matter of seconds. And the facade stays nice and dry.

  • Intelligent technology from Sto


    Facade paints in our iQ – Intelligent Technology generation have special properties, with their surfaces protecting themselves against rain, soiling, fading, heat, and so much more. Here at Sto, we have more than 160 employees working on environmentally friendly innovations like this in our development department. A whole three per cent of our turnover is allocated to research and development.