Aylesbury Waterside Theatre

The realisation of the dramatic new Waterside Theatre building in Aylesbury posed certain challenges for RHWL Architects. Needing effective thermal insulation and clean, bold aesthetics, specifying Sto was easy.

The imposing rear wall achieved the desired U Values with the StoTherm Mineral external wall insulation system. Just as important was the visual effect of the canal-side structure as it rises up, out of the bank. The sheer white expanse gives dramatic impact against the water, at a significantly lower cost than a natural stone alternative.

The fly tower rising out of the centre of the flowing curve provides a dramatic focal point. The emphatic, natural white finish uses Stolit, an acrylic, crack-resistant render, resulting in a clean and seamless facade.

A highly durable external wall insulation system, StoTherm Mineral provides unrivalled fire protection and impressive thermal performance. Reinforcing mesh provides improved impact resistance and ensures the long life of the finish, even in demanding situations.

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Aylesbury Waterside Theatre

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