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Building with Conscience



Sto leads in the field of sustainability in modern construction, through raw material selection, recycling of packaging and embracing new technologies. Together, these factors improve our system designs and help us towards our sustainability targets.

What constitutes sustainability?

"Is it sustainable?" is a frequently asked question in the construction industry, but without an official industry definition the answer can often be down to a loose interpretation. Rarely is the answer a simple yes or no.

We at Sto have considered this matter carefully and developed our own stance on the issue of sustainability:

"The point at which the needs of Social, Environmental and Economic factors intersect for a mutually beneficial outcome."

The short-term needs of commerce and the community have to be balanced against long-term issues such as energy consumption. It is the impact of our consumption habits which concerns us. It is our aim that all consumption leads to long-term improvements in social, environmental and economic spheres.

Sustainability Credentials

Our core business focus is on developing systems which actively contribute to the long term environmental benefit of society.

  • EN ISO 14001:2004 accredited
  • The first manufacturer to remove VOCs from all water-based coatings long before any regulatory requirement
  • Our products contain up to 96% recycled materials
  • Removal of an estimated 150 million tons of CO2 since 1960 through EWI installations

Contact Sto

Please contact us if you have any questions or enquiries about Sto products, systems and services.

Call: 0141 892 8000