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Innovation, Design & Function

Sto Facade Products

Sto has led the way in product innovation in facade renders and systems for over 50 years. Today, Sto is at the forefront of development in external wall insulation, rainscreen cladding and render systems.

Facade Systems

External Wall Insulation Systems

The StoTherm range of insulation systems allow you to meet and exceed U Value requirements while providing high crack and impact resistance. More arrow

Rainscreen Cladding Systems

StoVentec ventilated rainscreen cladding systems are mounted on an adjustable sub-construction, protecting the wall and allowing it to breathe. More arrow

Synthetic Render Systems

The StoRend render-only systems have been designed for a range of substrates and requirements, including basic levelling, high crack resistance and renovation systems. More arrow

Mineralic Render Systems

The StoRend Heritage range has been developed for new build or refurbishment projects requiring a traditional mineralic render finish. Available in a variety of traditional colours and textures. More arrow

Facade Repair System

The best way to renovate old, tired facades or damaged facade systems without major structural redevelopment. The system is strongly reinforced and dowel-fixed, then finished in a Sto synthetic render. More arrow

Facade Finishes

Render Finishes

The Sto range of through-coloured, thin coat synthetic render finishes – for decorative facades that require minimal maintenance. More arrow

Facade Paints

The Sto range of paint coatings provide excellent covering power, and includes the self-cleaning facade paint, StoLotusan Color. More arrow

Architectural Elements

Lightweight profiles and brick slips, ideal for renovating a tired facade or for creating new, custom designs. More arrow

Other Products

Facade Innovations

Sto sets new standards in design, technology and product planning for the building sector. Come and see the unique products that set Sto apart from the rest. More arrow


The new Stomix external wall insulation systems for social housing and funded refurbishment. Now available in the UK.

Same As Sto?

Sto is the market leading facade render and external wall insulation manufacturer for a reason: No other company undergoes the same levels of research & development, quality control and continued refinement of their systems.


Architect's Facade Manual

The new Sto binder covering our full range of facade products and systems, illustrative details and other important information for architects.

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